Behind the scence

Design team
Pauline Rømer & Karina Borcher

We work so well together because our joint creative space is very clearly defined. We each have our own unique expression but at the same time we inspire and respect each other which makes our creative cooperation a constant flow.

From the moment we met, we felt this unique connection. And we can still – after so many years of working together – surprise each other. We are very enthusiastic about what we do and we feel confident this shines clearly through in the Molly Marais collection. We are very passionate – and that is one of the things that characterizes our way of working.

Our inspiration comes mainly from the streets of Copenhagen where we live and work and from the historic Marais Quarter in Paris which we visit often. There we are inspired by the fine designs and patterns, the beautiful vintage finds, the illustrations, and the color combinations.

All of this has contributed to the creation of our first collections.
It's been an amazing journey and we can't wait to show you what we have planned for 2017/2018.